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Beaumont lives up to its name, from its French roots “lovely hill”. And that it is, lovely.


Beaumont sits side by side with the Edmonton, but with its own personal charm and plenty of amenities. It is easy to notice that the city is well maintained, taking care of its walking trails and lakes, with well kept parks, a fun spray park in the summer, skate park and sledding down those “lovely hills” in the winter months. It is the perfect blend of open space and city living.


The leisure centre sits in the heart of town, with aquafit and recreation programs. Along with many local businesses and well known franchises.  There are some local delights that have become very popular and talked about, like the delicious Chartier, fine dining restaurant. Since it’s opening last year it has become the place to be. With its rustic French-Canadian cuisine, it sticks to its local roots, and celebrate food and community. The perfect place for Beaumont.


With 7 schools in the community along with french immersion, community programs, youth services and more, you need not leave this quaint city unless you want to, for it serves everything that you would need and want.


Beaumont has continued to be a desired area and is classed as one of the safest places to live. Even jokes are thrown around that the city has to report on a squirrel crossing the street, because it has little to no crime. Perhaps it’s because this fine city has made itself such a delight to live in.


And who better to hear it from than the residents themselves. Read below some great testimonials from the very people that live in Beaumont.


“I love that I can walk to the dentist and that our family can bike ride to the community garden.  A brand new bakery ‘Bake My Day’ just opened and has the most amazing cookies and specialty cakes.  Plus dill pickle soup.  . My neighbors are incredible and always willing to lend a hand if needed.  The neighborhood kids congregate and play hockey, or have water fights.  There are lots of amazing things about Beaumont.  I also love all of the female (and male) entrepreneurs who have so many talents that they share with the community.”  - Andrea, Beaumont Resident


“Why do I love living in Beaumont?
It's got an amazing small town feel with friendly neighbours yet it is situated just minutes away from the Henday making travelling anywhere in the city super easy! It has a great selection of amenities including a library, several grocery stores, lots of outdoor space, doctors, dentists and so much more! The schools are outstanding and there's so much to do! The skate park and spray park are both firm favourites in summer and when winter rolls around the selection of toboggan slopes and outdoor rinks will keep you entertained. The rec centre is especially good for those bitter cold days with clean facilities and a water slide! The restaurant selection will have you spoiled for choice with one of Edmontons top rated restaurants, Chartier, located in the centre of town. It's especially nice in summer with it's casual outdoor dining! There really isn't anything not to love about Beaumont!” Beckie, Beaumont Resident


The residents say it best, and really, we can’t find anything to not love about Beaumont either.



Disclaimer: Life Beyond the Keys & Primeau & co are not affiliated with the developers of Beaumont and its agents.

                We just love our city, and want to give you the best information we can.

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