"... I have witnessed the beauty this great city offers."


Kristyn Rost

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I grew up in the city of Edmonton and as a young teen I remember dreaming about life in another country, the sun surf and sand attracted me to a life near the ocean. I had plans to move away to pursue my passion of diving but a car accident changed the course of my sails.

I decided to follow in my moms footsteps and focused my energy and efforts into learning all I could about the new home industry. I grew to see a house as so much more! I began to notice the details that made homes unique and started to appreciate the skill it took from each trade to construct a home. I also began to think more about the people and their "life beyond the keys".

Having the privilege of working in communities all over Edmonton I have witnessed the beauty this great city offers. From the beautiful river valley, the endless farmland and open green spaces, numerous lakes and trails and our ever changing downtown structures, there are many things to leave you impressed.

Being a part of local fundraisers, festivals and volunteer projects introduced me to passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds who were all unified in creating growth and change. Edmonton is home to many wonderful individuals who keep me inspired to find beauty in the everyday.

While I still dream of traveling to find the perfect sandy beach I spend most of my free time fishing, riding the trails with my dogs and enjoying the company of my family and friends.

With 5 years experience working for new home builders including the largest home builder in North America

I have had the opportunity to gain a diverse understanding of the many aspects that make up a home and the process that goes into investing in real estate. Whether I am working with first time buyers or buyers wanting to find their perfect custom home I have both personal and professional experience with both.

I have developed relationships with mortgage specialists, home inspectors and lawyers which in my opinion are some of the best in the industry to help guide you through the various stages of home ownership. My goal is to ensure a smooth transaction where my focus is on understanding the individuals and couples that I work for. Everyone has a unique story and I would love to find out more about your goals, family life and the activities you enjoy to ensure I can find a home that is a perfect match and compliments your lifestyle.


Coffee is one of my favorite things so let me treat you to a cup and chat more about the new home possibilities!