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Selling Process

Thinking of selling your home? We understand that for even the experienced home seller, the process can be daunting. We've compiled a list of helpful tips below to assist you from start to finish. As always, if you have any questions about selling your home, contact our professional team and let us simplify the process for you!

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Start your process by interviewing listing agents. Yes, it's perfectly fine to interview several agents during this time because you want to make sure you hire a professional that mirrors your home selling goals. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want/need to - we love chatting and want to help in any way we can! Have a licensed Realtor® complete a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home so you make sure to list at a reasonable price that will attract buyers and get your home sold.

Hiring a licensed Realtor® is the most effective method to sell your home. A Realtor® will list your property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), advertise your property on their website and social media pages, install a for sale sign, secure lockbox at your property, coordinate all the showings between the seller and buyer, and much much more!

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Your Realtor® will prepare and provide the required listing documents. Determine details such as list date, possession length, showing expectations, etc. During this time you should ask any more questions you may have and your Realtor® will be happy to answer all your questions and explain the terms of your listing paperwork in detail. 

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Your listing package should include professional photography and a virtual tour. Your Realtor® will schedule a day and time that works for you and the photographer. Before this day, prepare your home for the photographer by cleaning, decluttering, and organizing every room. Remember, the better your home shows online, the more buyers will want to view it!

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Once listed, showing requests for your property will come in at any time. While your home is on the market, you will want to keep it clean and clutter free so you are prepared for a showing at any time. Try to accommodate all showing requests because the more buyers that view your home, the quicker it will sell! 

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When an offer is received, your Realtor® will present it to you. At this time you have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the purchase contract, such as purchase price and closing day, with the buyer. When the offer is accepted, you will be in the "conditional" phase. The buyer will now have time to secure their financing and conduct a property inspection before the condition date.

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Prepare for closing day by gathering all house keys, garage door openers, and other information the buyer may need. You can leave all pertinent information and keys on the kitchen counter for the buyer. On closing day, funds will be transferred to you, keys will be released and your home will be officially sold!

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