" Building an empire together. "


Silvi Jarecki

Silvi was born in Germany and lived there with her family until she was 14 years old when her family came to Canada.  Silvi has a number of passions and hobbies including reading, meditation, and being in nature.  Silvi truly loves everything fitness related, including mental health and spiritual well being.  She has been training in Kung Fu since she was 11, mainly Wing Chun, Jeet kune Do, and Wun Hop Kuen Do.  Silvi has also been a teacher of this art as she has been teaching Thai and Chinese kickboxing since 2013.  Silvi has also been a personal trainer for 9 years!

Silvi decided to get into real estate because she had a good feeling that she would "rock it" and she loves connecting and building relationships with the people she is able to work with. It's these connections that fuel SIlvi every day and meet her emotional needs.  Working for herself, rather than someone else, and not putting a cap on her potential was also a big factor in choosing a career path; which helped SIlvi find real estate. 

"My goal for this business is to be surrounded by a team of people who can have open communication, an atmosphere of giving and growth.  Building an empire together.  To me mindset is a huge factor in how much time I am willing to put into a relationship with clients, friends or family.  Sharing vision, being empathic and wanting to grow as a team!"

This is exactly the mindset we want on our team and we are pleased that Silvi is part of the Primeau and Co. team!