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Don't Lose Focus

Everyone always starts anew, fresh, a reset and do-over with the arrival of a new year. We see the beginning of the year as a time when people become even more determined, focused and goal oriented.

But now here we are, already in February of 2017; only weeks into the year, and what I notice is people are already losing focus and forgetting the goals the had set out for themselves.


It is not easy to always have the drive and motivation to get up and go day after day. I get it, life is busy, and it can be hard and just simply exhausting some days. I juggle two small ones, a household, work, some days two jobs, and try to manage a personal life along with all the other responsibilities of being an adult, not always easy. Adding these great goals and wanting to see exponential growth and consistent over-achievement always seemed terrifying to me.

"Like okay world I need more to do, and

be better at doing it, with no more hours in the day! Are you crazy?"

Well maybe this year I am being a little crazy, I decided to be one of those people this year that wanted the fresh start. I sat down and took the time to think about and write out goals for myself. What I am noticing is:

1. Writing them down made them real. Like it is not just a "oh maybe I could do this", type thing. I wrote it down, it's tangible.

2. Sharing them, we share them at work among our peers, and I strongly encourage this.

Surrounding yourself with other like-minded people that want to be driven and achieve gives

you an extra boost, creates a community for you to make those goals become real.

3. Breaking it down. Find a way to make that end goal in 12 months smaller,

what do you have to do every month to get to that end result, maybe even smaller each week perhaps? Each time you achieve that little step the accomplishment increases your confidence.

4. Positive attitude and mindset. My mom always says "only you can control you mind."

How you choose to feel is up to you. It's important to have people around you that are encouraging and supportive, and if there is a down day they are there to shed some light and build you back up again.


o, as I am sitting here thinking of all the promises I made to myself, for me, for my children, family and friends. I know I haven't achieved it all yet; but that's okay, I know I have started and I am on my way to making those goals a reality. I know I am putting forth effort and trying

to get to the end result, and I know that we are 6/7 weeks into the year and I am not giving up, losing focus or forgetting those goals. I carry them with me everyday. Little changes overtime will result in bigger changes over a long time.

- Brittany



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