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Sellers Quick Tips

Are you wanting to sell your home? It can feel like an overwhelming process, but with these handy tips we can help break down some of the process into bite size chunks as to the things you need to know.

Here are our 8 most important tips to help sell your home:


Price your home competitively and prevent your property going stale. It can be tempting to not use a Realtor in the days of "sell it yourself companies", but it is to your advantage to have someone that knows the local market. They are able to guide you to the best price, and its to their benefit to make your house the most appealing it can be.


First impressions matter! Especially when selling your home. It is the first thing the potential buyer is going to see and you want them to want to go inside. What will buyers see as they drive up to your home? Are the outside walls clean, the porch kept tidy, and the lawn cut? These should be the regular things to maintain while on the market. It will make your house stand out from the others, just by simply investing in the first impression.


These next two tips go hand in hand. We are not talking major renovations, but it might be worth it in the long run to look at what needs fixing up, and whether its worth the time and money to make your house more sellable. Neutralizing and focusing on what could be red flags for inspectors and potential buyers is worth your time. The "bones" of your house are going to be important parts to fix up. Electrical, plumbing, that window with the crack in it, the squeaky door. This can help make your house stand out above the rest and move-in-ready.


Take notes from above point. Don't do a $50,000 kitchen redo on a house that will never see the pay back. Look at what is worth your money and if you are going to see a return when you sell. Otherwise its worth sticking to the issues in the home that could give the future owners issues, like a leaky roof etc.


Less is more when it comes to a buyer looking at your space. The more they can imagine their stuff in your space, the more it can improve their ability to envision your home being their home. Have organized and tidy closets showing ample space and storage, leaving a last impression.

Less stuff, bigger space.

Keep that in mind.

A good purge or spring clean could be just the thing to help get your home prepped for market and future showings.


Everyone has their own personal style, and its important to neutralize each zone of your home by depersonalizing. Like mentioned above, you want the buyer to imagine themselves in your home.

Removing family photos, unique items and even white washing some of those bright colours are a good place to start. Everyones taste is different. Don't be offended, its just part of the process of getting your house sold as quickly as possible. Just think, you have another property waiting for your unique touch, but now is not the time to show that off.


Never underestimate good lighting. It can change a room in the flip of a switch. Making sure curtains and blinds are open to let it as much natural light as possible, and using white daylight bulbs will help make the space look bigger, brighter and fresher.

Make sure you have your lights and fire places on before a showing so that no-one is ever walking into a dark room. They walk in seeing it presented to its fullest potential!


This is hard. Especially if you have a family. But it's important to have things ready as much as you can, and so that if you get that last minute showing, you can say YES! Try to have the house at a place, where if your realtor calls up, all you have to do is a quick tidy, wipe down, and sweep up. It will make your life much easier when showings come a calling, which lets admit they will, after you have followed the last 7 steps above.

You do not want to ever have to say NO to a showing. Your "YES", could be the very thing that leads to their "YES!".

Keep these tips bookmarked to help you on your journey.




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