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New Ventures

In the last couple months there have been some changes at Primeau & Co. We have moved from Century 21 Vantage to Polaris Realty Executives. And we are very happy about it.

It has been a wonderful welcome from Polaris, who are looking forward ti continued growth in business over the next year.

I have had a wonderful welcome from this office here in Edmonton, and am grateful for the opportunity to work under broker, Bill Tarrabain.

Change can sometimes be a scary path to go down, and while it has its challenges, it comes with so many great new ventures and opportunities. I am thankful to work alongside some amazing realtors and under this great company.

It has been a busy month, seeing many of our listings SOLD! We like to see that SOLD sticker go up on our signs. Happy clients make for happy realtors.

We have sold houses from Beaumont, Creekwood Chappelle to Downtown. So many homes coming in all shapes and sizes and locations across the city.

The sunshine seems to be making a more permanent appearance and is the perfect setting for the summer season in the realty world.

Edmonton is a busy booming city of festivals and entertainment! We are excited to see the buying and selling of homes continue throughout one of the best seasons in Edmonton!

So here is to new adventures! What is on your list to venture into this Summer?

Here's a little fun meme with all the house selling going on over here!



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