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Hello To Our New Agent at Primeau & Co.

We are excited to say a big HELLO, to our newest agent with Primeau & Co. I can officially welcome Kristyn Rost to the team, and I cannot wait for all that the future has in store for us as a team.

We wanted to give you a good introduction to our new addition and what she is bringing to the realty world.

Kristyn grew up in the city of Edmonton as a young teen and dreamed about life in other countries. The sun, the surf and the sand, and it attracted her to a life near the ocean. With plans to move away and pursue her passion of diving, it was a car accident that changed the course of her sails.

It was her mothers footsteps that she found herself stepping into, as she spent her energy and time learning all she could about the new home industry.

Kristyn enjoys what the city can offer, from its endless farmlands, lakes and trails, to the ever changing downtown structures, and the festivals and diversity.

With 5 years experience working for new home builders including the largest home builder in North America, she comes with a great understanding of the many aspects that make up a home and the process that goes into investing in real estate.

Kristyn has developed relationships with mortgage specialists, home inspectors and lawyers, of whom she believes to be some of the best in the industry to help guide her clients through each stage of the home ownership journey.

It's all about finding that home that is a perfect match for you, your goals and the family life and activities that you enjoy.

Coffee is one of her favourites things, and she cannot wait to take you for a cup and get you started on your new home possibilities!!

Welcome to the team Kristyn!



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