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People Matter

People matter. They really do. It's easy for that to become a catchy business slogan to pull people in. But in all truth people matter. In an industry of buying and selling, it can be so easy to see people as dollar signs. While looking at houses, we are making a list of what we like and what we don't like. We are trying to find a way to see if this strange new property we just stepped foot into could house people. Could it actually become a home worthy of making memories? Will it be functional for my children? Will the christmas tree look good in that corner? Will it have what we need to enjoy retirement? Will there be laughter around the breakfast nook while the smell of cookies baking, fill the room? Is it worth the extra $10,000 you didn't want to spend? Can you handle the renovations that might have to happen?

For a lot of us, house hunting can be a fun and exciting time. New opportunities, buying the house of your dreams. Maybe you have finally been able to upgrade to that extra bedroom. Perhaps you are down sizing and starting a life of travel and adventure with some roots in a smaller home. Or maybe this isn't you.

Perhaps its the product of a broken relationship. Perhaps financial stress and problems has prompted a house move. Maybe loss or tragedy. And here is where we start to see that "people matter" cannot just be some cheesy tagline, but a way in which we run our business. Not with dollar signs in front of a new clients face, not an agenda to be a successful business woman in the realty world, but because we truly believe that people matter.

From the first time you contact us, we want you to know that you matter to us, whether we know the reason you are moving or not. Because we are real people, with real lives too. Dealing with the stresses of family life, the chaos of trying to make it all work, and trying to do life beyond the keys.

Our slogan is more than just an attempt to market ourselves in the realty world, it's because we have had clients that needed to be seen as more than just a dollar sign. We know life can be rough sometimes, buying a home is not always an easy road. We know life can be hard. We have been there.

Maybe today, it doesn't feel like you matter. But you do. And even though this is a realty site, we want to be more than just hammering a "For Sale" sign in front of your house. We want to be available for more than just passing the keys to you on move in day. And this is why we want to be able to share more on this blog, and reach out, offering advice from day to day moving and buying tips, motivational resources

and much more.

You matter. People matter. And that is what we strive to accomplish at Primeau & co.



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