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Meet the Boss


Daughter, sister, mother, teacher, life-long learner, and of course REALTOR!


I grew up in a small town northwest of Edmonton, it was there that I really learned to understand what Family and what a Home really is. When I was growing up there, Whitecourt was very small, very very small! I remember when the first McDonald's was built it was a big deal! Especially because that used to be a treat we received only when visiting the City of Edmonton!!! Being a small town meant that we had some freedom, we could safely walk to from school or the corner store, play outside, toboggan and snowboard in our own back yard, it was a very different pace than the city life I came to know. I was quite fortunate to have many opportunites and have many adventures in life with the love, support and company of my family.

I moved away like many young adults do in order to go to University and I came here to Edmonton, I have spent most my adult life here in this wonderful, eventful and ever growing city! I recieved my Bachelor of Secondary Education from the University of Alberta in 2009. I was certainly passionate about teaching then, and I still am today (I still go into schools and substitute teach). The career path I thought I would take leaving University in reality ended up going in a very different direction, but I fell into something I loved just as much, being the housing industry.

I may not be a born Edmontonian but I certainly have come to love this City and I am proud to be here. I now have a family of my own and am blessed with 2 little ones. I work hard so that I can play with my daughter and son even harder. We love being outside, walks in our community, the river valley, or around so many of this City's awesome attractions. The Festivals and events Edmonton has to offer we are so lucky to be able to experience and enjoy. I love that I am able to be a devoted and dedicated mother as well as maintaining a career that I am so passionate about. Now its my turn to show them the meaning of family and home as my parents did for me through the opportunities and adventures that I can provide to them because I choose to make this city our home.

I have been in the sales industry since 2009. I started in New Home Sales for a high volume builder here in the City of Edmonton. The experience I gained working in that environment was crucial in fostering the ability I now have to make me a well-informed, meticulous and thorough agent for my clients. I have a vast understanding of the construction process and the systems in the home as well as an eye for quality workmanship and materials. It was through that occupation that I discovered my passion for the Real Estate Industry and I decided to make the move to start my own career and business in Real Estate. I decided to gain the knowledge and expertise I needed to become licensed as a Realtor in 2013.

Apart from being a licensed Realtor, I also am proud to say I am an Educator. I received my Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education in 2009. I have spent some time in the classroom as well, one of the most important qualities I feel is important to show people, is that being a life-long learner is paramount to personal growth and development no matter what path you choose in life.

Being in this industry there is many components involved in making a successful transaction, as a result I strive to gather as much information I can about the other factors that will play a part in the home buying or selling process. Keeping an eye on the state of the markets, here in Edmonton but also on a Provincial and National scale. Keeping up on changes in the Mortgage Industry, what are the rates and why? What do professionals anticipate the trend will be for the year? What changes are lenders and insurers making and how will that affect our consumers? Understanding the actual transaction process on the day of possession and making sure I have done my due diligence in making sure clients interests are protected by recommending trusted lawyers and home inspectors to ensure the utmost care is taken through the process. I strive to keep evolving and learning more and more so I can pass all this information onto consumers and especially my clients.

I have been assisting people with finding homes to suit their lifestyle for about 8 years. My sales career started with working for a builder here in the City of Edmonton, then making the move to be a real estate professional in 2013 seemed to be the next and a very natural progression for developing my career. I aspire to help my clients focus and achieve their real estate goals whether it be to accommodate their ever changing lifestyles or to acquire property for investment purposes. As a busy mother of two, a family oriented woman and a dedicated and motivated professional, part of my expertise is in finding balance. I effectively use time, and am quite attentive to the needs of others. I believe in conducting my business with integrity and morality and look forward to the opportunity to help so many people as I continue growing and developing my career here with Century 21 Vantage.

"You don't build a business -- you build people --

and then people build the business."

Zig Ziglar



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