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We are lucky over here at Primeau & Co, to be able to do what we love. Not only that, but to do it together. Kristyn and I hold similar values in how we want to see our business grow and run. We want it to be more than just a transaction. More than just a job. We want to see our clients feel they can trust us, and work with us. We are a team over here. We want our clients to feel like they are welcomed into the team as we search for the perfect home.

I am so thankful to have joined forces with Kristyn in this last year. We are better together. We are two girls that just decided to go for it. The new year is no better time than for new beginnings, and to look forward to a year of doing life and business together.

"Coming together is a beginning,

keeping together is a progress,

working together is success."

Henry Ford

This quote says it all. Our team comes together bringing so many different great things to the table. Experience, life, ideas, opinions, challenges, and learning curves. These all lead to a diverse and beautiful collaboration to make our business better.

Our goal is to work together, knowing that two are better than one. That more hands makes light work. It also means sharing the load. Sharing a coffee as we work on how to be better, how to keep our business thriving in the realty world, how to give our clients the best part of ourselves on a business and relational level.

And there we find ourselves like a well oiled machine, working together, being successful and even being there for each other when a bump in the road may occur. We do not want to merely measure out success with numbers, but that we continue to love what we do, enjoy shared success, and have the happiest clients in Edmonton!

Lets do this together!



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