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3 Things Some Realtors Won't Tell You (but we will)

We don't like to be "hush, hush" around here when it comes to giving our clients sound advice. Growing a business with integrity means being planted firmly in telling the truth.

We want your life beyond the handing over of the keys to be great. Not problems and things you felt were hidden.

A bad realtor is all about making money.

An average realtor will tell you just what you are legally required to know to make a sale.

A great realtor wants what is best for you. They won't down play that crack in the foundation for a quick sale.

We strive to be GREAT realtors. And we believe all the small choices amount to integrity as much as the big choices.

So here are 3 things we believe not every realtor will tell you - BUT WE WILL!

1. Do not start your house search before you get PRE-APPROVED!!!

Before you even start to do your internet searches, and before you drag yourself around dozens of houses, make sure you know exactly what you are approved for.

Our very own Kristyn Rost says "I don't like to disappoint people with houses that are out of their budget and unavailable to them. Get pre-approved and save the disappointment".

When you set yourself up to look at a house beyond your financial means, it's hard when you find that house you just love but can't afford. Why waste your time, and create a space where you feel house heartbroken?

2. The issues with this house that have come up in inspection actually ARE a big deal, and could cost you down the line.

* A bad realtor will just want the sale... "just buy it - it's not that bad. Every foundation has a crack in it".

* An average realtor will tell you the bare minimum "Theres a crack in the foundation. You are legally entitled to know".

* A great realtor can help you navigate the consequences of buying a house with issues or problems. You want a realtor with integrity and who will not just be after the "sale", but see that you are in the know at every step.


Kristyn has had experiences where the clients have simply had to walk away. It was more than a sale to her, and she couldn't, in good conscience not give them the option when the deal was changing to their disadvantage in the process.

We want our clients to know that we are working for their good. And even despite all the effort that goes into house hunting, paperwork, and offers etc, if it's not a good deal, it's not a good deal. Most realtors wouldn't be prepared to do this. But sometimes it just isn't worth it and we want to make sure our clients are fully informed to make the best decision for them. We will strive to disclose honestly what we believe to be a wise way to move forward. We want YOU to make the best choice for YOU.

Primeau and Co is FOR their clients. And prepping them for a successful life beyond the keys.



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