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Our Future is "Bright"

We are excited to announce we have another agent joining the Primeau and Co Real Estate team with EXP realty.

Please join us in welcoming Bright Osayamwen. Our future is getting brighter now we have him on our team.

Bright Osayamwen was born in Nigeria and later immigrated to Canada (2004 ) . Bright has had many years of experience in sales and marketing in computer hardware. His real estate experience began in Toronto, Ontario at Homelife Realty in 2015. In 2016 Bright moved to Edmonton, Alberta with his wife and young son with the prospect of expanding his real estate career.

Bright believes in excellence and he is passionate about helping his clients meet their real estate goals. Bright is dedicated to the entire real estate process of buying and selling with transparency and integrity. A win-win situation for all!!

When Bright is not working he enjoys traveling with his wife and family during summer break, and enjoying good times with friends.

Here are some fun facts about Bright so we can all get to know him just a little bit better.

Any siblings?

15 siblings in total

Where does Bright like to travel?


What was Bright’s first impressions of Canada/ Toronto/Edmonton?

my first impression was Canada is a family oriented place, people welcome you and never felt I left home

What does Bright like most about living in Canada?

traveling and seeing nature.

What does Bright miss most about Nigeria?

natural and pure organic food produces grown right in your backyard

Dream Vacation?

Travel around Europe and see the wonders of the world

Favorite saying?

God take the nothing in you to bring out the something in you

Favorite Childhood memory?

First time I meet with some of my sibling, that was a great moment for me.

Favorite food?

Vegetable soup with yam flour (African dishes) and Chinese food

Most memorable teacher in school and why?

My history teacher, during my school years we did a lot of travel trips to historical site which still remind me how he used to make fun of everybody while in the travel bus.

Did Bright play on any team sports?

Love watching Soccer, Football etc.

WELCOME TO THE TEAM! Check out our homepage to get contact details!



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