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Curb Appeal | Simple Top Tips

Don't judge a book by its cover?

Doesn't quite work that way when selling your home. Some simple tidying and attention to your front and back yard will draw buyers and help you to sell your house quicker. The "cover" most certainly does matter when trying to sell your home.

So in todays blog we want to give some tips for new agents to pass on to their clients, and for our sellers.

1. Hide trash cans when having your realty photos done for the MLS listing. As well as removing toys and clutter from the front and back yard. This may be the first "viewing" the buyer sees online.

2. When you have a viewing, have garden furniture out and looking like its ready to use! Let's put the dream of garden parties on a summers night in the mind of your buyer.

3. Dull gardens can get a pick me up with some colourful pots and plants.

4. Clean the outside and inside of your windows and doors.

5. A quick pressure wash of the outside of your home can help brighten everything up.

6. If you are able to plan ahead for when you are ready to sell, try to capture pictures of your garden in the spring/summertime to really showcase the garden if you are planning on selling in winter. There is only so much a photographer can do with a winter garden in Canada.

7. De-clutter your yard. If you have a shed, pack your collection of garden gnomes in there. Minimalism inside and outside of the home is the best way forward for selling.

8. And if you already have plants, make sure you get rid of any that are looking a little worse for wear and help bring out the best in your outside space.

9. Some fresh stain on your deck, some touch ups on the front door step, or hanging a nice simple wreath on the door, or the smell of freshly baked cookies oozing out the front door (or steak grilled on the BBQ for your viewers ;) can all help to bring your house to the top of the pile.

Some of these tips can just help you have the edge on your property standing out.

If you have some more great tips for the curb appeal of your house, comment below!



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