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The Golden Spot YEG | Let Eat Snow

We are so excited for this feature. We have a committed team that wants you to have the best buying and selling experience but we also want to help with life beyond the handing over of keys to your new home! And this is just the start!

We LOVE Edmonton and all the surrounding areas of this city! We love all the unique local businesses, downtown, all the green parks we have, and incredible restaurants. All the opportunities for date nights, and family days out and experiences available to those of us who have the pleasure of living here, and those visiting.

So if you are like us, you'll love hearing about the GOLDEN SPOTS we have found in the city. And maybe you have some places we can try out or good value for money places for families.

We will only feature where we have TRIED and TESTED ourselves.

And this week it's a very special local spot on 34 Ave (9261 34 ave NW, Edmonton, AB)

LET EAT SNOW | Dessert Cafe

I cannot believe I only just discovered this place. It is amazing. Definitely a piece of yummy gold in the South of Edmonton.

The staff were so friendly and actually excited about what they make, from their snow latte to their Honey Butter Bread. The server told us that the pizza and the crispy Korean waffle are a must have when you drop by. Which you should, because the snow latte was incredible. And the honey butter bread is one I am going back for. Don't worry, I will post about it ... while drooling.

Customer service goes a long way, and this dessert cafe really does it well. The server chatted with us and explained the menu, and genuinely seemed happy. It made the whole experience so fun.

He even let us snap a quick photo with the Honey Butter Bread creation!

Thank you!

Maybe you love bubble tea (or never tried it... yet?)

The cafe is modern rustic, with so much thought put into how they want to be known. Follow them on Instagram to see their menu, creations and a great tribute to their heritage.

This, after today has become one of my new favourite spots. And I cannot wait to go back.

The snow latte really was like eating snow. In the best way possibly. Do you remember as a kid sticking your tongue out as a new snow fell? Well, this is the adult kind of that! Full of latte goodness. And it's more than a latte. It's an experience. One that can be enjoyed as snow on top and a coffee, or let it all melt into your latte to make it sweeter and sweeter as it melts. So much going on, in JUST ONE drink. And now i want another one.

Let us know if you have been before and leave tag us and #thegoldenspotyeg

and go have a visit and show them some love online.

What a gold spot we found.



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