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The Golden Spot 2.0 | Autumnal Afternoons


Fall is upon us and before it leaves (pun intended) us in a blink of eye, we are trying to enjoy it!

Our city is filled with some of the most beautiful river valley trails I have seen. We so often rush off to the mountains to experience beauty and forget what is right in our figurative back yard. We are a city of festivals and a city of beauty.

What better way to enjoy a walk on a beautiful fall day than to put on some plaid and grab a coffee. And we have just the spot. You can pick up a drink and head right out the door onto one of these beautiful trails.

Transcend Coffee & Roastery on 76 avenue NW is a great... and I mean GREAT spot to grab a hot drink! I went for the London Fog, my friend a coffee! And they know their coffee.

In Transcends words "We scour the globe to find the best quality green coffee in the world. Better green coffee = tastier coffee in your cup. Period."

Check out their website for their products, their ethical and green approach to coffee making and the heart behind why they do what they do. They have a podcast, products, courses and more! It's a one stop shop for all things coffee and more.

And can we add - the space is stunning! It's a photogs dream, and the service - amazing. So good, in fact, I even picked up a donut! And let me tell you - delicious! You should get one.

I am sure there are so many more parts of Transcend that I have yet to discover, but we were ready to venture on some trails down by the river.

It's a great place to bike, take the kids, throw rocks in the river and just adventure together. Fall is so pretty here in Edmonton and this is a great family afternoon out, a date walk, or a photo walk with some of your friends.

So go soak up the warm autumnal sun, check out this golden spot nearby, and get some air and exercise in the process and marvel at all the golden moments of this golden season.



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