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The Golden Spot Yeg | Before This Land Was A City...

First stone:

"Before this land was a city, it was - and remains - a place for Cree, Dene, Blackfoot, Saulteaux, Stoney, and Metis peoples to gather. Its deep history resonates in the present through artworks by six Indigenous artists from across Canada. Their visionary responses to this place, its languages, customs, tools, animals, and images, offer pathways for the future."

Second Stone:

"The name and vision for this art park were developed in collaboration with the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations, Metis Nation of Alberta, curator Candice Hopkins, local Indigenous artists, community members, Elders and knowledge-holders."

A Fall walk caused us to stumble upon something that I am so glad we found. And I encourage you to go take a walk, see the beautiful downtown view, and explore these beautiful art installations and the rich heritage and creativity highlighting the history of this land before is was a city.

I would write my own words of how beautiful each art piece was, but i will simply quote the information boards, because they say it better than i ever could. Either way, don't miss out on something so beautiful in this city. It was surely golden.

This right here means "fire" in the Cree language. "Signifying warmth, sustenance and life. A fire is something to be gathered around."

mamohkamatowin (Helping Each Other)

"Artist, Artisans and students came together to figure out the technical aspects, layer the mosaic tiles, and help bring the turtles to life".

Throughout this art walk there was a profound sense of togetherness, community and story telling. And it felt very honouring to walk through it, and the placement of seeing it look over Edmonton Downtown.

Preparing to Cross the Sacred River

"Every land has an original people, and those people have their stories which connect them to that place. This rock face acts as a lookout over the river and refers metaphorically to the gathering and preparation of Indigenous Nations for their fight to protect the land..."


"Speaking directly to the idea of gathering, phonon (Cree for waiting place) emphasises the shifting perspectives of storytelling by utilising amphitheatre style seating in combination with a traditional circle. The highest seat at the top references the deep past. It's furthest from our reach when you are at the base, but when you are sitting at the top you have the greatest field of vision with perhaps the greatest perspective. When you sit on the lowest seat you are closest to the future, but not able to see so far into the distance".

Maybe you need some fresh air, or a walk before the snow falls, but whatever the reason, this place is steeped in rich history that means so much, if not more now.

Thanks to the Indigenous artists who gave our city somethig so beautiful to see, experience and learn from. So take a walk and enjoy, soak in, shift perspective, see from a different view or a different place. How much we still have to learn from the founders of our land.

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